Baphomet's Meteor

Baphomet's Meteor ( Baphomet I )

( French - L'Empire du Baphomet - 1972 )

novel by Pierre Barbet

translated by Bernard Kay

Published: DAW Books - paperback - 1972
ISBN: none

as an omnibus with Stellar Crusade ( trans. by C.J.Cherryh ) and titled Cosmic Crusaders
DAW Books - paperback - 1980
ISBN: 0879975830 / 9780879975838

Crusaders of the Atom - Are there parallel dimensions in which history turned out differently? Are there other universes with other Earths where the alternates became the realities? Here is an exciting science fiction novel of such an historical by-pass. Told with the color and romance of the Crusades, what would have happened had the Knights Templars really made the demonic alliance claimed by their royal rivals? The "demon" was Baphomet - a stranded extra-terrestrial - and his alliance gave the Templars the atomic arms and scientific equipment to create the empire Baphomet needed for his own outer-space motives.


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