( French - Le Temps incertain - 1973 )

novel by Michel Jeury

translated by Maxim Jakubowski

Published: MacMillan - hardback - 1980
ISBN: 0025592203 / 9780025592209

Black Coat Press - paperback - 2010
ISBN: 1935558536 / 9781935558538


The novel deals with time and its manipulation through the use of chronolytic drugs. Its protagonists are psychronauts, helpless explorers of a confusing, multidimensional universe, facing threats from alternate realities, such as Harry Krupp Hitler 1st, Emperor of the Undetermined, or the mysterious Phords from the future world of Garichankar. They search for secret paradises, hidden within the folds of space and time, away from their bleak realities, such as the tropical realm of Oblivion-by-Ruaba.


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