( Japanese - Kurosufaia - 1998 )

Book by Miyuki Miyabe

Translated by Deborah Iwabuchi & Anna Husson Isozaki

Published; Kodansha International - hardback - 2006
ISBN; 4770029934 / 9784770029935

Kodansha International - paperback -2006
ISBN; 4770030681 / 9784770030689

The novel is about a girl named Junko Aoki (青木淳子 Aoki Junko), who has the psychokinetic power of pyrokinesis. She decides to kill criminals in order to make her world better. When Junko sets off to rescue a woman kidnapped by juvenile delinquents, the arson division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police and a secretive vigilante group that wants to recruit her pursue her. Chikako Ishizu (石津ちか子 Ishizu Chikako), a policewoman, is astounded by Junko Aoki's case as she digs deeper into it.


Kurosufaia ( Pyrokinesis is the English title ) - 2000

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