Dreams of the Sea

Dreams of the Sea ( Tyranael Vol. I )

( French - Les Rêves de la mer - 1996 )

novel by Elisabeth Vonarburg

translated by Howard Scott and Elisabeth Vonarburg

Published: Tesseract - hardback - 2004
ISBN: 1895836980 / 9781895836981

Tesseract - trade paperback - 2004
ISBN: 1895836964 / 9781895836967

As the twin planets of Altaïr eclipse each other, a mysterious blue Sea rises up from the darkness, killing most of the Earth colonists who have settled the strange new world. In the devastating aftermath, the survivors must make a new life amid the abandoned, yet curiously intact cities of a long-vanished alien population. But their greatest challenge is yet to appear, for in a world of ancient memory and forgotten history, the answer to salvation may lie in the strange dreams of the colonists themselves. But are their dreams the key to survival, or a final warning of the dangers to come?

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