Escher’s Loops

Escher’s Loops

( Serbian - Esherove petlje - 2008 )

mosaic novel by Zoran Zivkovic

translated by Alice Copple-Tošić

Published: Geopoetika - paperback - 2008
ISBN: 8676661626 / 9788676661266

PS Publishing - hardback - 2010 ( boxed, signed, limited - 100 )
ISBN: 1848630328 / 9781848630321

PS Publishing - hardback - 2010 ( limited - 500 )
184863031X / 9781848630314

The first loop
The second loop
The third loop
The fourth loop

A complex cycle of interlocking narratives. Like one of Escher’s drawings, the narrative threads lead one through a dizzying labyrinth of recurring themes, images and characters, all of whom are linked with elegant mathematical precision: God and suicide, food and poison, monks, athletes, soldiers and soccer players all take their places in the circle-dance. Absurdity, surreality and humour abound; death is the ultimate destiny, yet always the next story offers infinite ways of escape.

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