Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera

( Serbian - Skrivena kamera - 2005 )

novel by Zoran Zivkovic

translated by Alice Copple-Tošić

Published: Dalkey Archive Press - trade paperback - 2005
ISBN: 1564784126 / 9781564784124

Opens with the narrator finding a mysterious, blank envelope stuck in his apartment door inviting him to a private showing a movie. Or so he initially thinks. Things get more mysterious when the cinema is empty except for a single woman and the "movie" he's been invited to see includes a scene of him sitting in a park. Believing he is the unwitting participant in a complicated hidden camera show, he goes along with the variety of setups he's faced with, which continue to get more absurd. As the "show" develops, he becomes more and more paranoid and distrustful, but he keeps up the ruse to its thrilling conclusion.


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