Jean-Louis Trudel

Jean-Louis Trudel - French-Canadian author - b.1967

Writes in French and English and translates both ways.

English titleFrench titletranslatorpublishedformatpublisherISBNco-author
Contamination ( novella in Tesseracts Q )ContaminationMcGrath, Donald / author( 1994 ) 1996h/b / p/bTesseract1895836220 / 9781895836226 & 1895836212 / 9781895836219
The Case of the Serial “De Québec à la Lune” by Veritatus ( story in Arrowdreams as by ‘Laurent McAllister’ )Le Cas du feuilleton “De Québec à la Lune,” par Veritatusauthors( 1994 ) 1998tp/bNuage Editions0921833512 / 9780921833512Yves Meynard

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