John Bull's Downfall

John Bull's Downfall: The Remarkable History of the Destruction of England's Power on Land and Sea in 1886-87: The Conquest of Ireland and Capture of London

( French - Les Malheurs de John Bull - 1884 )

novel by Camille Debans

translated by uncredited

Published: Brookside Library - / - 1884
ISBN: none

titled: John Bull's Misfortunes: The Destruction of the Entire English Navy: The Blowing-up of Woolwich Arsenal: The Capture of London and the Downfall of Great Britain in the Year 1887

translated by Jacob Abarbanell

Norman L. Munro - / - 1884 ( Munro's Library: v. 1, no. 246 )
ISBN: none

A spurned lover seeking to avenge an insult by an English nobleman, becomes a billionaire and turns an improvised nation into a global empire, ultimately defeating and conquering England.


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