( German - Limit - 2009 )

novel by Frank Schätzing

translated by Shaun Whiteside, Jamie Lee Searle & Samuel Willcocks

Published: Jo Fletcher Books - hardback - 2013 ( USA )
ISBN: 1623650445 / 9781623650445

Jo Fletcher Books - hardback - 2013 ( UK )
ISBN: 1849165157 / 9781849165150

Jo Fletcher - trade paperback - 2013 ( Airside )
ISBN: 1849165165 / 9781849165167

Jo Fletcher - paperback - 2014
ISBN: 1623658578 / 9781623658571

Jo Fletcher ( Barnes & Noble ) - Nook - 2013
eISBN: 9781623650452

Jo Fletcher ( Amazon ) - Kindle - 2013

The first space elevator connects the Earth to the Moon, prompting a breathless race between the Americans and Chinese to get to the Moon's helium-3 - the rare element that promises to solve all the world's energy problems. In Shanghai, cyber-detective Owen Jericho has been hired to find Yoyo, a missing girl. What starts as a routine investigation soon develops into a nightmarish hunt with a crazed assassin hot on his heels, all because Yoyo accidentally stumbled onto a secret society called Hydra - and now it's not just her life at risk. Following the trail of Hydra takes Jericho and Yoyo round the world and finally to the Gaia, the Moon's very first hotel, where a billionaire entrepreneur is entertaining some of the world's richest and most influential men and women. Hydra has its own plans for the Earth- and the Moon. Nothing and no one will be allowed to stand in its way.


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