The Marvelous Adventures of Serge Myrandhal on Mars

The Marvelous Adventures of Serge Myrandhal on Mars

( French - Les Aventures Merveilleuses de Serge Myrandhal sur la Planete Mars - 1908 )

novel by H. Gayar

translated by Brian Stableford

Published: Black Coat Press - trade paperback - 2014 ( French Science Fiction no. 112 )
ISBN: 1612272657 / 9781612272658

The bold French Engineer Serge Myrandhal travels to Mars in a ship propelled by the power of thought, followed by his fiancée, the brave American novelist Miss Annabella Carpenter, and her guardian, the eccentric British millionaire Sir Washington Pickman. There, they make numerous wondrous discoveries including that of a race of small, red-furred anthropoids living underground, and beautiful winged humanoids.


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