The Abbey

The Abbey ( 1 )

( Romanian - Abația - 2002 )

novel by Dan Dobos

translated by not stated

Published: Better Karma LLC - trade paperback - 2010
ISBN: 0982432984/ 9780982432983

Saint Augustine defined six periods of human life with the last being the Armageddon - when the armies of humans, led by a Messiah who has again come down on Earth, will have to defeat the forces of evil. More than three thousand years after this prophecy was made, the Abbey is the only religious organisation left. Radoslav, the Abbot who rules the Augustinian Order, knows that the Armageddon is about to break out soon but he can't decide what will trigger it. It might be the first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization; it is possible that the attempt of imperial administration to replace the clones from the Agricultural Worlds with aliens will degenerate into a cosmic conflict; and the super-soldier sent to spy on the Abbey is also a great worry. It then becomes clear that the final fight is not between good and evil, but between those who believe in God and those who decline to.

Vladimir Colin Award, 2006 ( for the trilogy )

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