The Children of Darkness

The Children of Darkness ( The Cycle of the Red Moon 2 )

( Spanish - Los hijos de las tinieblas - 2010 )

novel by José Antonio Cotrina

translated by Kate LaBarbera & Gabriella Campbell

Published: Dark Horse Books - trade paperback - 2021
ISBN: 1506719449 / 9781506719443

Rocavarancolia has proved its cruelty once again, but the gruesome city cannot defeat those chosen for the Harvest. Now magic is on their side and it’s their turn to shine. But mysteries remain. What makes them so special to the Kingdom? And what is the significance of the Red Moon? The time has come for Hector and the rest of the children from Earth to leave the safety of their tower behind. It’s time to get some answers - and no vampire, sorcerer, or creature can stop them. Meanwhile, an evil older than the Kingdom has awakened…


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