The Clay Machine-Gun

The Clay Machine-Gun

( Russian - Chapayev i Pustota ( Чапаев и Пустота ) - 1996 )

novel by Victor Pelevin

translated by Andrew Bromfield

Published: Faber and Faber - trade paperback - 1999
ISBN: 0571194060 / 9780571194063

Faber and Faber - paperback - 2000
ISBN: 0571201261 / 9780571201266

A manic satire of psychiatry, crime and corruption in Russia. Peter Null is undergoing treatment in Moscow's Psychiatric Clinic number 17, where his consultant believes the way to treat his condition is to humour his delusive personality until it achieves reintegration with the rest of his psyche.
The action cuts deliriously between present-day Moscow and 1919, the era of the Civil War, in which the narrator finds himself serving as a commissar in the division of the legendary commander Vasily Chapaev, and his formidable machine-gunner sidekick, Anna.


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