The Emperor’s Men 2: Betrayal

The Emperor’s Men 2: Betrayal

( German - Kaiserkrieger II: Der Verrat - 2011 )

novel by Dirk van den Boom

Published: Atlantis Verlag Guido Latz- paperback - 2017
ISBN: 3864025001 9783864025006

Atlantis Verlag Guido Latz - e-book ( Kindle ) - 2017

Drunken from their triumph at Adrianople, the Goths set to the conquest of Eastern Rome and threaten the city of Thessaloniki. While the men of the German Cruiser Saarbrücken are still trying to prove their usefulness to the Roman Empire, the resistance against the time-travellers grows stronger. Mighty clergymen scheme against the growing influence of the Germans, and on the Saarbrücken itself the seeds of treason are planted ... and not only there.

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