The Emperor's Men 4: Uprising

The Emperor's Men 4: Uprising

( German - Kaiserkrieger IV: Der Aufstand - 2012 )

novel by Dirk van den Boom

Published: Atlantis Verlag Guido Latz- paperback - 2018
ISBN: 3864026105 / 9783864026102

Atlantis Verlag Guido Latz - e-book ( Kindle ) - 2017

The travellers from the future have barely gained a foothold in the Roman Empire when their opponents are already gathering their forces and getting in place for a counterattack. Troops are ready, campaigns are planned, and battles are prepared – the storm which is about to break threatens to shake the Empire to its foundations. Everything the time-travellers want to change is in great danger. The uprising against everything Rheinberg and his followers have committed themselves to is imminent.


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