The Journey of Niels Klim to the World Underground

The Journey of Niels Klim to the World Underground ( Niels Klim's Journey Under The Ground; Being A Narrative Of His Wonderful Descent To The Subterranean Lands; Together With An Account Of The Sensible Animals And Trees Inhabiting The Planet Nazar And The Firmament )

( Latin - Nicolai Klimii iter subterraneum - 1741 )

novel by Ludvig Holberg

translated by John Gierlow

Published: Saxton, Peirce and Company - hardback - 1845
ISBN: none

Bison Books - trade paperback - 2004 ( translated by James I. McNelis )
ISBN: 0803273487 / 9780803273481

Fantastic adventures at the centre of the earth await a penniless Norwegian student after he plunges into a bottomless hole in a cave. Niels Klim discovers worlds within our own - exotic civilizations and fabulous creatures scattered across the underside of the earth's crust and, at the earth's center, a small, inhabited planet orbiting around a miniature sun. In an epic journey, Klim visits countries led by sentient and contemplative trees, a kingdom of intelligent apes preoccupied with fashion and change, a land whose inhabitants don't speak out of their mouths, neighboring countries of birds locked in an eternal war, and a land where string basses talk musically to one another. Brave, inquisitive, and greedy, Klim faces many challenges, the greatest of which are his own temptations.


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