The Land and the Tilism

Hoshruba: The Land and the Tilism ( Book One )

( Urdu - Tilism e Hoshruba ( طلسمِ ہو شربا ) )
( 1880-93 )

novel by Muhammad Husain Jah

translated by Musharraf Ali Farooqi

Published: Urdu Project - paperback - 2009
ISBN: 0978069552 / 9780978069551

Random House India - paperback - 2012
ISBN: 8184000960
ISBN: 9788184000962

Random House India - e-book - 2011
eISBN: 9788184002690

Urdu Project - e-book - 2015
eISBN: 9780978069582

Enter the magical world of Hoshruba, conjured in the untold past by sorcerers defying the laws of God and the physical world. Filled with dazzling illusions and occult realms inhabited by powerful sorceresses and diabolic monsters, Hoshruba had a fixed life, and a designated conqueror who would use its magical key to unravel it one day. The first book begins with the giant Laqa entering Hoshruba's protection, and its sorcerer emperor finding himself at war with Laqa's arch fiend, Amir Hamza the Lord of the Auspicious Planetary Conjunction, who pursues the giant with his numerous tricksters and a young prince - the yet to be known conqueror-designate of Hoshruba. When the prince is kidnapped by the devious trickster girls sent by the sorcerer emperor, it falls to an extraordinary trickster and a rebel sorceress to continue his mission.



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