The Lunar Trilogy

The Lunar Trilogy ( On the Silver Globe / The Conqueror or the Victor / The Old Earth )

( Polish - Trylogia Księżycowa ( Na srebrnym globie / Zwycięzca / Stara Ziemia ) - 1903 /10 /11 )

omnibus of novels by Jerzy Żuławski

translated by Elzbieta Morgan

Published: Zmok Books - trade paperback - 2021
ISBN: 1950423166 / 9781950423163

On the Silver Globe - describes, in the form of a diary, the story of a marooned expedition of Earth astronauts who find themselves stranded on the Moon and found a colony. After several generations, they lose most of their knowledge and are ruled by a religious cult.
The Conqueror or The Victor - focuses upon the colonists' anticipated Messiah, another traveler from Earth. After initial success, he fails to meet their expectations and is killed in an allegory to the death of Jesus Christ.
The Old Earth - describes the visit of two Lunar colonists to 27th-century Earth.


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