The Movement

The Movement

( Czech - Stručné dějiny Hnutí - 2018 )

novel by Petra Hůlová

Published: World Editions - paperback - 2021
ISBN: 1642861006 / 9781642861006 ( US )
ISBN: 1912987244 / 9781912987245 ( UK )

World Editions - e-book - 2021
eISBN: 1642860948 / 9781642860948

The Movement founding ideology emphasizes that women should be valued for their inner qualities, spirit, and character, and not for their physical attributes. Men have been forbidden to be attracted to women on the basis of their bodies. Some continue with unreformed attitudes but many submit or are sent by their wives and daughters to the Institute for internment and reeducation. However, the Movement also struggles with women and their old attitudes, with many still undergoing illegal cosmetic surgeries and wearing makeup. Our narrator, an unapologetic guard at one of these reeducation facilities, describes how the Movement started, the challenges faced, her own personal journey, and what happens when a program fails. She is convinced the Movement is nearing its final victory - a time when everybody falls in line with its ideals.


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