The Other Side

The Other Side; A fantastic novel

( German - Die andere Seite - 1909 )

novel by Alfred Kubin

translated by Denver Lindley

Crown Publishers - hardback - 1967
ISBN: none

Dedalus - trade paperback - 2000 ( trans. by Mike Mitchell )
ISBN: 1873982690 / 9781873982693

Dedalus - paperback - 2014 ( revised edition )
ISBN: 1910213039 / 9781910213032

Dedalus ( Amazon ) - Kindle - 2014

An immensely wealthy man, Patera, persuades an old schoolfriend to come and live in a closed society he has constructed somewhere in northern China - the 'Dream Kingdom'. Billed as a sort of paradise which has forsaken the modern world, when he goes there he finds it doesn’t quite measure up to expectations. He becomes increasingly uncertain how ( or if ) the society is being governed, can never seem to meet with his friend Patera, and – well, after that things start getting rather weird: waking dreams, doppelgangers, unexplained plagues of animals, and a complete collapse not merely of moral fabric but seemingly all kinds of fabric.


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