The Towers of Romander

The Towers of Romander

( Dutch - De torens van Romander - 2002 )

novel by W J Maryson

translated by Lia Belt

Published: Zumaya Publications - trade paperback - 2010
ISBN: 1934841382 / 9781934841389

For the first time in many centuries, someone without any magical talent is born on the island of Loh. Expelled from the academy of magic, Lethe Welmson seems doomed to become an outcast. Then Matei, one of the seven most powerful wizards of the Realm of Romander-the highmysters-discovers an evil force that threatens the existence of the islands of the realm has returned. No magician in Romander, no matter how powerful, can vanquish this threat-the coming of colorless magic. What is needed is someone with no magical skills at all, and suddenly Lethe goes from obscurity to being the most important person in the Realm. With no idea how he's meant to stop the colorless magic from devouring his world, Lethe travels through the islands and archipelagos seeking the answer, all the while those who hunger for power want only one thing-his death.


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