Those Who Survive

Those Who Survive

( Russian: - Pereval - 1988 )

Book by Bulychev, Kir

Published: Xlibris Corporation - hardback - 2000
ISBN: 0738815608

paperback - 2000
ISBN: 0738815616

Capricorn Publications - paperback - 2004
ISBN: 097539701X

A party of humans has eked out a new life on the world where they crashed, but the older generation has never become reconciled to their relatively primitive life in a vast forest, despite the acclimatization of their children. Eventually a party decides to make the arduous trek to the site of the disabled ship in an attempt to escape their involuntary exile on a planet that reminded me somewhat of Harry Harrison’s Deathworld. This doesn’t read at all like the tentative SF adventures that were common from the Soviet Union and the fauna and flora of Bulychev’s imaginary planet are interesting and inventive, providing the backdrop for an above average adventure story. ( http://www.dondammassa.com/2004r1.htm#Those_Who_Survive_ )



Pereval ( 1988 )

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