About Hygelac

( Dutch title - Omtrent Hygelac - 2014 )

story by Jan J. B. Kuipers

translated by author

Published: Smashwords Edition - e-book - 2018
ISBN: 1370416458 / 9781370416455


Remember Hygelac? He was king of the Gaets, a huge man whom no horse could carry. The Franks killed him when he was raiding the lands along the river Rhine. His bones were kept on an island in the river, near the sea, and were shown to all kinds of travellers. In this tale some strange tourists meet on the island to behold the bones. Prince Radigis and the Anglo-Saxon queen Ethelreda, the mysterious twins Ginebra and Fionan, white as chalk, Amplissimus the missionary and his servant Madeh: they all have their reasons for coming here, some very weird indeed. And then there is the indigenous clan of the Pike-snouts… Will the keeper of the bones succeed in keeping the peace and preserve the precious bones?