Frontiers of the Imperium ( Central Imperium Book 1 )

( Czech - Hranice impéria ( Centrální impérium 1 ) - 2019 )

novel by Jan Kotouč

translated by Isabel Stainsby

Published: Arbiter Press - paperback - 2019
ISBN: 8090746500 / 9788090746503

Arbiter Press - e-book - 2019

Daniel Hankerson was perfectly happy being just a mid-level spy, a genetically enhanced low-ranking member of the royal family and an avid poker player.
Then the war started, someone tried to murder him, he met a strange war correspondent with an even stranger secret, and he found himself aboard a prototype warship going to the fringes of the Central Imperium.
Then things got worse.
An ancient enemy is approaching with a large fleet aided by people Daniel thought he could trust. Now Daniel must use his analytical skills to figure out a way to stop them before millions die.