Janusz Andrzej Zajdel - Polish author - 1938-1985

Has been translated into Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech, Esperanto, Finnish, German, Hungarian, English, Russian and Slovenian.

English titlePolish titletranslatorpublishedformatpublisherISBN
Particularly Difficult Territory ( story in Tales from the Planet Earth )WyjД…tkowo trudny terenBukato, Wiktor1986 / 1987h/b / p/bSt.Martin's Press0312784201 / 9780312784201 & 0312907796 / 9780312907792

The Janusz A. Zajdel Award ( Nagroda imienia Janusza A. Zajdla ), is an annual award awarded by Polish sf fandom for the best stories published in the previous year.