Lesabendio: an Asteroid Novel

( German - Lesabéndio - 1913 )

novella by Paul Scheerbart

illustrated by Alfred Kubin

translated by Christina Svendsen

Published: Wakefield Press - paperback - 2012
ISBN: 0984115595 / 9780984115594

An intergalactic utopian novel that describes life on the planetoid Pallas. Rubbery suction-footed life forms with telescopic eyes smoke bubble-weed in mushroom meadows under violet skies and green stars. Amid the conveyor-belt highways and lighthouses weaving together the mountains and valleys, a visionary named Lesabéndio hatches a plan to build a 44-mile-high tower and employ architecture to connect the two halves of their double star. A cosmic ecological fable, it helps us imagine an ecological politics more daring than the conservative politics of preservation, even as it reminds us that we are part of a larger galactic set of interrelationships.


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