Return of the Nyctalope

Return of the Nyctalope ( The Nyctalope volume )

( French - Le Roi de la Nuit - 1943 )

novels by Jean de la Hire & Jean-Marc & Randy Officier

translated by Brian Stableford

Published: Black Coat Press - trade paperback - 2013
ISBN: 1612272118 / 9781612272115

Introduction - Jean-Marc Lofficier
The King of the Night - Jean de la Hire ( aka Le Roi de la Nuit 1943 )
Return of the Nyctalope - Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier ( 2013 )

In The King of the Night the Nyctalope travels to Rhea, a wandering planetoid inhabited by two warring races of ape-men and bat-men, and forces the two species to make peace.

In Return of the Nyctalope the Nyctalope returns to Rhea as it is about to leave the Solar System, and comes to grips with his own past while charting out a bold map for the future of Humanity.


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