Sambaqui: A Novel of Pre-History

( Portuguese - O homem do Sambaqui: ( uma estória na pré-história ) - 1975 )

novel by Stella Carr Ribeiro

translated by Claudia van der Heuvel

Published: Avon - paperback - 1987
ISBN: 0380896249 / 9780380896240

"Sambaqui" is a native Brazilian word for fossil shell-formations that indicates the occupation of a particular coastal spot by a prehistoric people who inhabited Brazil before the arrival of the Indians, and used by these first dwellers of Brazil as burial grounds.
The novel has roughly two parts: a presentation of the Sambaqui people and their culture and physical world then a dramatic account of their cultural and warring clashes with the first Indians. Much of the struggle is set around the stealing of women, positing that the reason for the disappearance of the Sambaqui people is that they would have been bred out of history.


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