Somewhere ( http://hunaak.blogspot.com/2012/06/hunaak-01.html )

( Arabic - Hunaak! - 2013 ) ( ‫هناك‬ )

novel by Ibraheem Abbas & Yasser Bahjatt

translated by Yasser Bahjatt

Published: Yatakhayaloon ( League of Arabic SciFiers ) - trade paperback - 2013
ISBN: 9948205839 / 9789948205838

Yatakhayaloon ( Amazon ) - Kindle - 2014

I lived a normal life, just like yours. My dreams remained far from reach, never materializing. And then, suddenly, I found myself Somewhere. I was bound and totally immersed into the depths of my dreams. I lived in them and all of their details… one after another. All of this could not just be a dream or a hallucination… I had never felt awake as I did Somewhere. Only one last dream remained and it was to return to my humble life and to return to… Somewhere.


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