The World of the End

The World of the End

( Hebrew - Olam Hasof - 2004 )

novel by Ofir Touche Gafla

translated by Mitch Ginsburg

Published: Tor Books - hardback - 2013
ISBN: 0765333562 / 9780765333568

Tor Books - paperback - 2014
ISBN: 0765333570 / 9780765333575

Tor Books ( Barnes & Noble ) - Nook - 2013
eISBN 9781466803206

As an epilogist, Ben Mendelssohn appreciates an unexpected ending. When, however, that denouement is the untimely demise of his beloved wife, Ben is incapable of coping. Marian was more than his life partner; she was the fiber that held together all that he is. Ben is willing to do anything, even enter the unknown beyond, if it means a chance to be with her again.
One bullet to the brain later, Ben is in the Other World, where he discovers a vast and curiously secular existence utterly unlike anything he could have imagined: a realm of sprawling cities where the deceased of every age live an eternal second life, and where forests of family trees are tended by mysterious humans who never lived in the previous world. But Ben cannot find Marian.
Desperate for a reunion, he enlists an unconventional afterlife investigator to track her down, little knowing that his search is entangled in events that continue to unfold in the world of the living. It is a search that confronts Ben with one heart-rending shock after another; with the best and worst of human nature; with the resilience and fragility of love; and with truths that will haunt him through eternity.

2005 Geffen Award - best fantasy/science fiction novel
2006 Kugel Award - Hebrew literature.

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