The Xipehuz and The Death of the Earth

The Xipehuz and The Death of the Earth

( French - not published so - 1887 / 1910 )

anthology by J H Rosny ( J. H. Rosny aîné )

translated by George Edgar Slusser

Published: Arno Press - hardback -1978
ISBN: 0405110200 / 9780405110207

Introduction ( The Xipehuz and The Death of the Earth ) - essay by George Edgar Slusser
The Xipehuz - short fiction ( aka Les Xipehuz 1887 )
The Death of the Earth - novella ( aka La Mort de la Terre 1910 )

The Xipehuz: primitive humans ( the story took place a thousand years before Babylonian times ) encounter inorganic aliens, with whom all forms of communication prove impossible. Men eventually drive away the invaders, but the hero mourns the loss of another life.

The Death of the Earth: takes place in the far future, when Earth had all but dried out. In it, the last descendants of mankind become aware of the emergence of a new species, the metal-based "Ferromagnetals", fated to replace us.

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