Voyage to Faremido and Capillaria

Voyage to Faremido and Capillaria ( Voyages of Gulliver )

( Hungarian - Utazás Faremidóba / Capillária - 1916 / 1921 )

novelettes by Frigyes Karinthy

translated by Paul Tabori

Published: Corvina Press - hardback - 1965
ISBN: none

Living Books - hardback - 1966
ISBN: none

New English Library - paperback - 1978
ISBN: 0450038750 / 9780450038754

This novelette presents beings who not only understand the secrets of nature, but they are the secret of nature themselves — they are nature personified.
These beings consist of inorganic materials (thus having a superficial similarity to robots). The novel describes the adventures of a pilot, who lost his way and came to the world of these beings. They help the protagonist to see the beauty of their world, and help him also to come home.


This novelette depicts an undersea world inhabited exclusively by women and recounts, in a satirical vein, the first time that men and women experience sex with one another.
Expressing a pessimistic, perhaps misogynistic, view of women, it suggests that, with disastrous effect, women, who are emotional and illogical, dominate men, the creative, rational force within humanity, who represent the builders of civilization. The males, known as bullpops, are of small stature. They spend their time building and rebuilding tall, complex, rather phallic, towers that the gigantic women destroy as quickly as these structures are erected. Meanwhile, the females engage in sexual adventures, surviving by eating the brains of the miniature men, who have become little more than personified male genitals.


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