An Unknown World: Two Years on the Moon

( French - Un monde inconnu: Deux ans sur la Lune - 1896 )

novel by Pierre de Sélènes

translated by Brian Stableford

Published: Black Coat Press - trade paperback - 2014 ( French Science Fiction 122 )
ISBN: 1612273025 / 9781612273020

Black Coat Press - e-book - 2015
BN ID: 2940151342568

An unofficial sequel to Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon. Astronomer Francois Mathieu-Rollere, Lord Douglas Rodilan and two Frenchmen, Marcel and Jacques, purchase the giant cannon and shell used by the Gun Club to send the first men into space and launch their own expedition to the Moon.
Once there, they encounter the advanced, utopian civilization of the Meolicenes who live inside our satellite.