Mr. Turtle

( Japanese - Kame-kun ( カメくん ) - 2001 )

novel by Yusaku Kitano

translated by Tyran Grillo

Published: Kurodahan Press - trade paperback - 2016
ISBN: 4902075806 / 9784902075809

Kurodahan Press ( Barnes & Noble ) - e-book - 2017
eISBN: 490207592X / 9784902075922

In a world of humans, what's a cyborg turtle to do?
It's a fair question in the bizarre, compelling story of Mr. Turtle.
The protagonist is a hero in a half shell of an altogether different sort, a killing machine designed for combat who wants only to enjoy the simple pleasures of his daily life - working a blue collar job, going to the library, and typing on his laptop - even as he is haunted by vague memories of a war on Jupiter.
In order to determine his future, he must piece together his past, navigating an unsympathetic society.

Nihon SF Taisho, 2001