Albina and the Dog-Men

Albina and the Dog-Men

( Spanish - Albina y los hombres-perro - 2000 )

novel by Alejandro Jodorowsky

translated by Adam MacAdam

Published: Restless Books - trade paperback - 2016
ISBN: 163206054X / 9781632060549

Restless Books - e-book - 2016
eISBN: 1632060698 / 9781632060693

When two women - a beautiful amnesiac albino giantess and her protector, a leather-tough woman called Crabby - arrive in this South American desert town, Albina's otherworldly allure and unfettered sensuality turns men into wild animals. Chased at the same time by a clubfoot criminal, Albina and Crabby must fend off their aggressors before the town consumes itself in an orgy of lust and violence.


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