( Japanese - Afurodi - te ( アフロディ-テ ) - 1987 )

novel by Yamada Masaki

translated by Daniel Jackson

Published: Kurodahan Press - trade paperback - 2004
ISBN: 4902075016 / 9784902075014

The story of Yuichi, a youth who escapes the regimented world of Japanese society for the beauty and freedom of Aphrodite, a floating island city built by the visionary Mr. Caan. Excited by the seemingly limitless potential of Aphrodite and confident of his own future, Yuichi encounters a new world: friendship, responsibility, love, and growing up. Seen through the pattern of Yuichi's life, however, is the evolution and development of the true heroine of the work: the island city Aphrodite - ever beautiful, ever filled with the limitless energy of creation. And as the global economy spirals downward, leaving Aphrodite a deserted slum slated for destruction, perhaps Yuichi is the only person who can save her.


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