Children of Magic Moon

Magic Moon ( Magic Moon II )

( German - Märchenmond Kinder - 1990 )

novel by Wolfgang Hohlbein & Heike Hohlbein

translated by Barbara Guggemos

Published: TokyoPop - trade paperback - 2007
ISBN: 1598164538 / 9781598164534

Two years after Kim's voyage to Magic Moon he realises that something is wrong and that he must return there. With some difficulty he succeeds, only to find the dream realm very different: machines and greed have found their way there, and an overall bitterness affects even his old friends Rangarig and Gorg.
Kim discovers a terrifying secret: the children of Magic Moon are disappearing; some even reappearing, oblivious to anything around them, in Kim's world! Apparently, the dwarves, who have mysteriously appeared along with the machines, seem to be behind this, but the secret goes much deeper than that.


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