Felifax, the Tiger Man

( French - Felifax L'Homme Tigre - 1929 )

novel by Paul Feval

translated by Brian Stableford

Published: Black Coat Press - trade paperback
ISBN: 1932983880 / 9781932983883

ntroduction - essay by Brian Stableford
Felifax the Tiger Man - novel
Afterword - essay by Brian Stableford

In Felifax Féval takes on the, perhaps impossible, task of trying to bring two archetypes together, Sir Eric Palmer, the great British detective, successor of Sherlock Holmes, against jungle-born Felifax, the tiger-man, a clone of Tarzan, in the hope of generating a singular literary synergy.

Unlike the vast majority of Tarzan imitations, Felifax is not a feral child but the result of a biological experiment. This element of the plot is particularly interesting, because it forges a thematic link with the comic-book superheroes. Felifax is brand new as a significant anticipation of the Incredible Hulk.


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