( Swedish - Googolplex - 2010 )

novel by KG Johansson

translator ?

Published: Affront Publishing - trade paperback - 2015
ISBN: 9187585359 / 9789187585357

Affront Publishing ( via Smashwords ) - e-book - 2015
eISBN: 9187585367 / 9789187585364
BN ID: 2940151976213 ( Nook )
ASIN: B00YU0XL0M ( Kindle )

If you could have anything but the one thing you really wanted, what would you do? Jack is part of a group of colonists traveling to the distant planet Shylock to build themselves a new home. But Jack has trouble letting go of his past and the world he left behind. He becomes obsessed with what could have been, and with the help of multis – mysterious beings from parallel universes – he begins his search for truth. However, in a world where even love seems impossible to define, what can he find?


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