I Am God

I Am God

( Italian title - Sono Dio - 2016 )

novel by Giacomo Sartori

translated by Fredericka Randall

Published: Restless Books - paperback - 2019
ISBN: 1632062143 / 9781632062147

Restless Books - e-book - 2019
BN ID: 2940161219263

The novel opens with God beginning to keep a journal about his view on modern society, and in particular his infatuation with Daphne, a young geneticist. Daphne, an atheist post-punk and anti-Catholic activist, attracts God's attention although he fails to understand why. Much of the book is epistolary, with God as a first-person narrator through his journal, discussing his thoughts on a humanity he finds unsatisfying; language is recent to him, as the God of the novel has mostly disclaimed and damned humanity on the basis of thinking human language and thought to be evil. The plot also features a love triangle between Daphne, God, and her mortal boyfriend Giovanni, an alcoholic and sexually uninhibited paleontologist.[

Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award ( Adult Fiction ) 2019
Italian Prose in Translation Award 2020
( A ) Financial Times Best Book of 2019

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