( Esperanto / Hungarian * - Kazohinia Vojago al Kazohinio / Gulliver utazása Kazohiniában - 1935 )

novel by Sandor Szathmari

translated by Inez Kemenes with Fred MacNicol

Published: Corvina Press - hardback - 1975
ISBN: 9631335186 / 9789631335187

New Europe Books - paperback - 2012 ( titled 'Voyage to Kazohinia', Kamenes only translator credited )
ISBN: 0982578121 / 9780982578124

New Europe Books ( Amazon ) - Kindle - 2012

Chronicles the travels of a modern Gulliver on the eve of World War II. A shipwrecked English ship's surgeon finds himself on an unknown island whose inhabitants, the Hins, live in a technologically advanced existence without emotions, desires, arts, money or politics. Soon unhappy with this bleak perfection, Gulliver asks to be admitted to the closed settlement of the Behins, beings with souls and atavistic human traits. But he's seen nothing yet...


  • It is unclear whether it was initially written in Esperanto or Hungarian ( or both ), original publication was in Hungarian in 1941

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