Bread, Butter and Paradoxine / Paradoxine: The Adventures of James Vagabond

( Italian - Pane, Burro e Paradossina - 1985 / 1999 ( 2015 ) )

novel by Roberto Quaglia

translated by Peter de Ville

( titled 'Bread, Butter and Paradoxine' )
Published: Delos international - paperback - 2002
ISBN: 8873600158 / 9788873600152

( titled 'Paradoxine: The Adventures of James Vagabond' )
Immanion Press - trade paperback - 2009
ISBN: 1904853676 / 9781904853671

CreateSpace - trade paperback - 2015
ISBN: 150750098X / 9781507500989

Meet James Vagabond, tasked by the Very-Secret Service with a mission so secret that even they don’t know what the mission is! That is really all you need to know as these 2 stories are essentially an assemblage of comedy vignettes with just a very loose plot to carry you along. There's interactive TV which is more interactive than you or I would want. Housing ecology. Reality games (reminiscent of Dick). And along the way we encounter a few historical figures from the Joan of Arc to members of the Nazi party.


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