Science Fiction of Today 1984

SOVIET LITERATURE MONTHLY Magazine, SCIENCE FICTION of Today, Number 2 1984, Moscow

Here is a Soviet Literature Monthly magazine special issue devoted to Soviet Science Fiction.

The magazines is in English.

The magazine contains many coloured plates Vladimir Glukhov, Back from the Stars; Vladimir Janibekov, Icaras; Andrei Sokolov, An Emerald Morning on a Distant Planet; Georgi Pokrovsky, Bridge Across a Strait; Vyacheslav Burmistrov, It's Cold Here; Anatoli Korobskoy, Korolyov, Designer of Spaceships; Anatoli Korobskoy, Alexei Leonov, the first Man to Walk in Space; Alexei Lopatnikov, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a Teacher from Kaluga; Alexander Makhov, The Twentieth Century; Vitaki Lukyanets, The Universe; Evgeni Bukreyev, In Outer Space. Several black and white illustrations/plates.

Published by the Union of Soviet Writers, Editorial Board Savva Dangulov, Editor-In-Chief.

Editor of the English edition: Valentina Jacque.


The Desire Machine by Arkadi Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky ( Arkady and Boris Strugatsky ) - ( Chapters: Stalker's Home; Snack-Bar; The Writer's Home; Outpost; The Zone; Again the Snack-Bar. )

A Total Mystery by Vadim Shefner - ( Chapters: On Loan From Fate; The Ball Appears; In the World of the Beautiful; The Supreme Returner of Bottles; The Ball Acts; A Scientific Consultation; An Important Decision; An Unexpected Variant; A Dreary Life; Tanya; A Talk in the Forest; The Ball Vanishes. )

Born to Fly by Dmitri Bilenkin

Snow Girl by Kir Bulychev ( aka Snegurochka ( Снегурочка ) 1973 )

Strange Trees by Victor Kolupaev ( as by Victor Kolupayev ) - ( Kakie Smeshnye Derev'ya 1975 ) ( also published as What Funny Trees! in Hermits Swing )

Pygmalion by Vladimir Drozd - ( Pihmalion )

A Necessary Condition by Alexander Siletsky

Flowers of the Earth by Mikhail Pukhov - ( Khudozhnik )

The Artist by Vyacheslav Rybakov

Shelter by Boris Rudenko

Our Questionnaire: 3 questions and the responses received from Isaac Asimov; Dmitri Bilenkin; Kir Bulychev; Arthur C. Clarke; James E. Gunn; Harry Harrison; Joe Haldeman; Yeremei Parnov; Frederik Pohl; Vadim Shefner; Arkadi Strugatsky.

COMMENTS & REFLECTIONS: SF Writers on the March for Peace by V.I. Gakov.

MEMORABLE DATES: The Hundredth Birth Anniversary of Alexander Belyaev.

THE ARTS: Science Fiction Painting by Vasili Zakharchenko.

FOR STUDENTS OF RUSSIAN: The Last Story of Telepathy by Roman Podolny

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