Shinichi Hoshi

Shinichi Hoshi ( 星 新一 / Hoshi Shin'ichi ) - Japanese author - 1926-1997

Wrote mainly short stories, also mystery. Has been translated into English, Korean, Czech and Chinese.

English titleJapanese titletranslatorpublishedformatpublisherISBN
The Spiteful Planet and Other Stories Susser, Bernard and Genkawa, Tomoyoshi1978p/bJapan Timesnone
Love Keys ( story in Twenty Houses of the Zodiac )KegiSaito, Noriyoshi & Jakubowski, Maxim( 1958 ) 1979p/bNew English Library0450043339 / 9780450043338
Bokko-Chan ( story in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction June 1963, The Spiteful Planet and Other Stories and The Best Japanese Science Fiction Stories )Bokko-ChanSaito, Noriyoshi( 1958 ) 1963magazineMercury Press, Inc.none
He—y, Come On Ou—t! ! ( story in The Spiteful Planet and Other Stories, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction November 1978 then The Best Japanese Science Fiction Stories )Oi, dete koiJones, Stanleigh( 1971 ) 1978p/bJapan Timesnone
There was a KnockNokku no Oto gaJones, Stanleigh H.( 1972 ) 1984p/bKodansha International4061860038 / 9784061860032
The Capricious RobotKimagure robotto ( きまぐれロボット ) Matthew, Robert( 1966 ) 1986p/bKodansha International Ltd.4770022123 / 9784770022127
The Bag of Surprises Jones, Stanleigh H.1989p/bKodansha International Ltd.4770022298 / 9784770022295
The God of Fortune Matthew, Robert1991p/bAsiapac9971985632
The Cost of Kindness MacDonald, Marianne & Mori, Torajiro1985p/bPhiladelphia Centrum 0910813027 / 9780910813020
The God With the Laughing Face Matthew, Robert1984journalUniversity of Queenslandnone
The Visitor from Space Matthew, Robert1984journalUniversity of Queenslandnone
Tales of Japanese science fiction and fantasy Matthew, Robert1981journalUniversity of Queensland0867760877
The Leisure Club Matthew, Robert?1984journalUniversity of Queenslandnone


Hoshi's Parables
consisting of;

The Whimsical Robot Collection
A Secretary on Your Shoulder Collection
A Well-Kept Life Collection
The Ultimate Luxury Collection
The Last Earthling Collection



Related media

Studio 4°C animated Hoshi's Kimagure Robot (The Capricious Robot) science-fiction short story into a series of 10 2-minute television shorts in 2004.
Plot Summary: A brilliant, extremely eccentric, and slightly crazy scientist toils away his days in his lab, creating robots to carry out different tasks. A robot to grant three wishes, a robot to help you write your diary, a robot that intentionally misbehaves in order to keep its master from becoming bored, the robots are each built for a very specific purpose, and can't really do much of anything else. Luckily for mankind, however, these robots are much more useful than they appear to be at first glance, most of the time, anyway.

NHK's Hoshi Shinichi's Short Shorts television series won the Comedy category in the 37th International Emmy Awards ( 2010 ).. The program used animation, live-action footage, computer graphics, and other visual means to re-enact the short stories.

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