Star of the Unborn

Star of the Unborn

( German - Stern der Ungeborenen - 1946 )

novel by Franz Werfel

translated by Gustave O. Arlt

Published: Viking Press - hardback - 1946
ISBN: none

Bantam Books - paperback - 1976
ISBN: 0553079158 /9780553079159

A fabulous journey through a world 100,000 years from our own. The narrator ( his mysteriously resurrected self summoned into this distant future ) spends three days in what he calls the Eleventh Cosmic Capital Year of Virgo. The reader is treated to descriptions of an "astromental" world, visits to Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, a proper dose of sex interest and a battle between higher civilisation and "jungle" humanity. However, the end of suffering has not brought about a new golden age - though it has cut off man's chance of redemption…


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