Taking Flight Duo

Taking Flight Duo ( Ariel / The Glittering World )

( Russian - Ariel ( Ариэль ) - 1941 & ( Блистающий мир ) - 1924 )

novels by Alexander Beliaev & Alexandr Grin

translated by Maria K

Published: TSK - trade paperback -
ISBN: 1482366320 / 9781482366327

TSK - e-book - 2013
BN ID: 2940015990522

Ariel does not know who he is, where he is from, or what is his purpose in life. The chance to get the answers comes in the form of a strange experiment, in which Ariel receives the ability to fly.
The Glittering World
There are people comfortably settled into their lives. There are people confident in what they know. There are people who are safe within their well-defined world.
Just when they think they have the universe figured out, along comes Drood and changes everything overnight.
What would happen if a human being could fly?


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