The Ghostwriter

The Ghostwriter

( Serbian - Писац у најам - 2009 )

novella by Zoran Zivkovic

translated by Alice Copple-Tošić

Published: PS Publishing - hardback - 2012 ( signed limited - 100 )
ISBN: 1848632975 / 9781848632974

PS Publishing - hardback - 2012
ISBN: 1848632967 / 9781848632967

The Ghostwriter
Afterword ( The Ghostwriter ) - essay by Michael A. Morrison

A writer sits down to work, but who can resist the addictive temptation of the email inbox? Each message alert brings a new question and a fresh challenge, until a tangled web weaves its way around the hapless author. Yet all the while his cat, Felix, gets on with life regardless.
Zoran Živković's hilarious new novella lays bare the oddities and absurdities of the writing life: the traps writers set for themselves and the snares readers lay for them. Here, too, are fascinating puzzles about the nature of authorship and the writer's identity, the relationship between the writer and their work and between the writer and the reader, the reader and that which is read. Above all, though, it is a paean to the Cat, to a relationship which in its simplicity and innocence, its playfulness and affection, makes nonsense of all these human perplexities.


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