The Giant Cat

The Giant Cat, or The Quest of Aoun and Zouhr ( also titled 'Quest of the Dawn Man' ) - is a sequel to Quest for Fire

( French - Le Félin géant - 1918 )

novel by J H Rosny ( J. H. Rosny aîné )

translated by Lady Whitehead

Published: Robert M. McBride & Company - hardback - 1924
ISBN: none

Ace Books - paperback - 1964 ( a 'Quest for the Dawn Man' - same translation )
ISBN: none

contained in Helgvor of the Blue River
Black Coat Press - trade paperback - 2010
ISBN: 1935558463 / 9781935558460

Aoun, son of Urus, was tall and strong and delighted in the hunt. His courage was legion and his strength formidable, but he had a strange weakness that the other Oulhamr tribesmen did not understand — he could feel pity. His companion was Zouhr, last of the Men-without-Shoulders, whose subtle, dreamy intelligence was also unique among men. They set out, these two, to discover new and fertile hunting grounds for the horde, in the unknown land beyond the mountains. Here they would encounter the fierce sabertooth, the giant lion, the crocodile, the huge python, and wild mammoth. But most dangerous of all, these two would have to face alone the strange primitive hordes of the forest — the half-men who ate the flesh of other men.


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