The Golem and the Wondrous Deeds of the Maharal of Prague

The Golem and the Wondrous Deeds of the Maharal of Prague

( Hebrew - Nifla╩╝ot Maharal - 1909 )

collection by Yudl Rosenberg

translated by Curt Leviant

Published :Yale University Press - hardback - 2007
ISBN: 0300122047 / 9780300122046

Yale University Press - paperback - 2008
ISBN: 0300143206 / 9780300143201 #

Yale University Press - e-book - 2007
eISBN: 030013472X / 9780300134728

1 Publisher's Preface
2 Bill of Sale
3 The History of the Great Gaon, the Holy, Supernal Maharal of Prague, May the Memory of that Righteous, Saintly Man Be a Blessing for Life in the World to Come
4 The Maharal's Battle Against the Blood Libel
5 The Maharal's Suggestion to Have a Disputation with the Priests
6 The Disputation
7 "A Man Who Excels at His Work Shall Attend upon Kings." This Is the Maharal
8 How the Maharal Created the Golem
9 How Yossele the Golem Carried Water for Passover
10 How Yossele the Golem Caught Fish for Rosh Hashana
11 For What Purposes the Maharal Used the Golem
12 The Maharal's First Miracle with the Golem
13 The Astonishing Tale of the Healer's Daughter
14 The Wondrous and Famous Story Known as "The Daughter's Misfortune"
15 A Very Amazing Tale About a Blood Libel by the Priest Thaddeus Which Caused His Final Downfall and His Banishment from Prague
16 The Marvelous Story of the Wonder of Wonders That the Maharal Revealed to the Two Berls Whose Two Children Were Switched by a Midwife
17 The Astounding Story of the Torah that Fell to the Floor on Yom Kippur
18 The Attack on Yossele theGolem
19 An Awesome Tale About the Ruin near Prague
20 A Wondrous Tale About Duke Bartholomew
21 The Last Blood Libel in Prague During the Maharal's Lifetime
22 How the Maharal Brought About the End of the Golem
23 The Maharal's Remarks Concerning the Golem
24 A Miraculous Event Pertaining to the Maharal's Engagement

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