The Great Computer

The Great Computer: A Vision

( Swedish - Sagan om den Stora Datamaskinen - 1966 )

novel by Olof Johannesson

translated by Naomi Walford

Published: Victor Gollancz - hardback - 1968 ( UK )
ISBN: 0575000597 / 9780575000599

Coward-McCann Inc. - hardback - 1968 ( US ) ( titled 'The Tale of the Big Computer' )
ISBN: none

Award Books - paperback - 1969 ( titled 'The End of Man?' )
ISBN: none

A brief, but biting political-scientific satire. The theme is the future takeover of the planet by computers. This is used as a vehicle not only to ridicule the growing infatuation of government and business with the then novel power of computer, but to pillory a large part of the establishment. It is clear that it is the greed of the corporate leaders, the shortsightedness of the government bureaucrats and the power hunger of the politicians that leadsto the future wryly outlined as an utopia for the computers.


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